Human Resource Mnagement /Payroll Software

HRM & Payroll Functions of HRM & Payroll

  • Dashboard [Training notification, Holidays notification,Internal Job,Meeting announcement ,Birthday announcement ]
  • Employee Master[ Add , Edit, View, salary , Promotion]
  • Attendance [ Attendance system integrate with Biometric ]
  • Recruitment [Create Job, Post details , Qualification Exp entry Form ,Application Details , Issue call letter ]
  • Training[Training Form , Training list , approve Training Employee]
  • Master [User ,Allowance , Deduction,Department , Designation,Holidays, qualification ,Branches/Unit,Upload Chalan,Sub Unit , asset Master ,Release asset ]
  • Payroll[ Process Salary ( manual), Process Salary ,Update Salary, Branch Summary, Monthly Salary sheet ,Monthly OT sheet , Monthly Pay Slip, Monthly ECR files, Monthly ECIC files]
  • MIS Report

HRM & Payroll ERP

In an organization, there are many functions that a human resource department has to carry out manually. With the increasing number of employees, the process has become intricate and there was a need of automated systems. Human resource management software manages the complete details of the employees of a company. Such applications are used on a large scale as it is effectively helps in data management of the employees and different other HR processes. This software suitably incorporates various information technologies, helping in planning and executing different automated HR processes. As this software provides accurate results, it was considered as essential to manage, administer, and minimize the costs reducing the intricacy of the employee’s performance. Keeping in mind, proper execution of HR policies and managing the employee’s data, we at Etrinity infotech have come up with software that can help in maintaining the data easily..

HRM & Payroll Software Include

  • Attendance management: this module is integrated with the information-evaluating employee’s attendance as well as work hours.
  • Payroll management: this module is integrated with the payroll details of an employee. It helps in automatically calculating the deduction, incentives, etc
  • HR management: the module helps in collecting detailed information about the employee’s skills, compensation, personal details, and other information. The module deals with all the details of recruitment process.
  • Benefits management: it comes up with all the information about the additional allowances and benefits that are provided to the employees. It includes information about the tax reductions, pension plan, insurance policies and many more.
  • With our HRMS and Payroll systems, the HR policies can be maintained in an organized manner. It is equipped with advanced features such as automated check for payrolls and compensation, sending notifications to the employees and analyzing information for other business operations.

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